Tuesday, 1 July 2014

LoopyAng Crochet Facebook Page!

So I decided that if I'm going to give selling a few crocheted bits and pieces a go, it kind of made sense to start up a Facebook page to run alongside this blog.
And today was the day I published it and unleashed it on the world! Lol.

You can find it here... LoopyAng Crochet Facebook Page

.... and this is what it looks like...

There's not a lot on there just yet, but gradually I'll add some more photos and info on items I can make to order.
I'll also be posting about what I'm up to, and will be linking to things I like or that interest me in the wonderful world of crochet.
So what not pop over and give me a "Like"!!!

I look forward to seeing you there!

LoopyAng x

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Just Another Rainbow Granny Cushion

First thing this morning I finished joining the two sides of a granny square cushion- in my favourite colour combination of rainbow yarn.

The back of this cushion is just plain cream.... Even I accept that sometimes there can be such a thing as too much colour on one small cushion!

It is made using my all time favourite yarn- Patons Smoothie. It is a fantastic smooth acrylic that has the look more like cotton than acrylic! And in my opinion it works so well for blankets and cushions.

It's not the first rainbow square cushion I've finished this week...

Annoyingly they both have that very slightly twisted look in the middle few rounds- but I kinda like the way they do that.... 
But being handmade you can't expect absolute perfection- can you?!

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Exciting New Stylecraft DK Colour!

I was so excited to read this little snippet of news yesterday that Lucy of Attic24 posted on Facebook....

"Just look at this JUICY new shade of Stylecraft Special DK, isn't it gorgeous? "Lime" will be available to buy in July.
I have to say a special big THANK YOU to Stylecraft Yarns for listening to my over excited requests for a "zesty, zingy lime green, the same colour as my beloved Boden coat, pretty please?!". You made my colour dream come true, thank you thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

And this photo she posted...

To say I am stupidly excited would be an understatement!
I love Stylecraft DK yarn, but there has always been a colour missing.... And now at last there will be a little Lime!!!! 

***insert BIG smiley face here!***

Saturday, 21 June 2014

I. Love. To Crochet!

I love to Crochet.

Plain and simple. It's a fact.
But my crochet tends not to be very plain.

In fact in tends to be pretty colourful.
Very Lucy-ish, of Attic24 bloggy fame.

I chose this style of rainbowy hooky goodness before discovering her blog.... but seeing her lovely high colour crochet exploits has done nothing to tone down my hooky-ing!

This is a cushion cover I've recently been working on....

See what I mean about colourful?!

These balls of gorgeous full on colour happened into my home recently.
Again, inspired my Lucy and her current mandala obsession and her recent acquisition of some of this very same make of yarn.

It is Stylecraft Classique Cotton DK bought from Wool Warehouse.
I started off with these colours but have since also got pastel blue and pink, cream, and white.

And this is what I bought it for.... to make these super cute coasters.
Aren't they lovely?

I saw a picture of these or something very similar on FB.
So I googled crochet coasters, and found This Pattern.
I love that this pattern was based on a circle motif from 1893- but it doesn't look at all out of place crocheted in bright modern colours!

I didn't overly like the way the last round crocheted up, so had a play with the first one I made til I was happy.
Now there's no stopping me and I have a steadily growing pile of them on my table!

I will also blame this yarny purchase on Lucy too....

This is Stylecraft Special Chunky also from Wool Warehouse, but bought in a colour pack.
It was This Post on Attic24 that made me need this wool, and I do plan on trying that cushion sometime..... but for now I'm making this simple round cushion with it....

Very simple, nothing fancy. Just a colourful soft squishy cushion.
Happy crocheting to you if that's what you do! :o)