Wednesday, 9 December 2015

My First Pattern is up on Ravelry! :)

I'm not really one for writing patterns.
Usually if I make something up it only is made once, then it's gone.
But on this occasion I had quite alot of people on a Facebook page I posted on ask me if I had the pattern for this....

My Shabby Chic Christmas Wreath.

So I set about writing it up...
Now I'm pretty fluent in Crochet terms, but it seems that when writing a pattern up in it it's a whole new ballgame! It took me the best part of three days (on and off not constant!) to be *fairly* happy with what I'd written.
Then I had to learn how to turn it into a PDF. It turns out it couldn't really be any simpler (but I didn't know that at the time!), then I had to learn all about adding a pattern to Ravelry.

But eventually I've got there... and the link to my Shabby Chic Christmas Wreath pattern is HERE!

I'm now just hoping and praying that there aren't too many errors in it, and that others can understand my blurb!!! :D

Good Luck to you if you download it!

Friday, 4 September 2015

My Etsy Store Order Book is Open!

My book is open for orders, my labels and packaging are ready, my LoopyAngCrochet Etsy store is open... now I just need some orders! Please take a look in my shop- I have some items readymade for sale, or I am happy to take custom orders for similar items in different colours and/or sizes 😊

My LoopyAngCrochet Etsy store

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

New Blanket Listed in my Etsy Shop

So yesterday I listed another finished blanket in my LoopyAngCrochet Etsy Shop

I loved making this blanket, all the richly coloured squares joined together and edged in a neutral parchment colour.
This one is now ready for sale, but I am open to take custom orders for this style of blanket in your choice of colour combination, and size.

Please visit my Etsy Shop to request a custom order for this style of blanket of any other listed in my  shop 😊

Friday, 14 August 2015

I've Just Opened my LoopyAngCrochet Etsy Shop!

So today I took the step I've been preparing for... 
To open my very own little Etsy shop :)

You can find it here... 

There's not much in there yet, and I'll add a couple more bits over the next few days.
I'm all excited! Now to see if anyone is interested in buying anything!

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Time to Start Over!

It's been *wayyyy* too long.
And I'm not really quite sure why.
I have some neck issues, which in turn causes hand issues.
But that's not really an excuse.

And I'm back... and raring to get back in to my little blog.

A simple post today- as the day has turned into night already.
It was an absolutely scorching day compared to how we're used to it being here in the UK- and as such not alot got done.

I did however throw together a new little banner. It's not exactly what I want but will pretty up the place while I think about how I'd really like it.

Yesterday I received this cute little bag of cottony yarny goodness, ordered from Wool Warehouse.
It's Lily "Sugar'n Cream", made of 100% cotton.

I ordered this specifically to try a bit of hyperbolic crochet.
It's always intrigued me, and when I spoke about it to my daughter she seemed quite keen to give it a go too.
This is mine so far...

It'll be a bath scrubbie... A fun funky coloured one. This colour way of the Sugar'n Cream is called "Over the Rainbow". I love it- maybe it's because it makes me think of ice lollies and candy sweets?!

I'm done in for tonight- but I promise to be back soon! :)