Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Time to Start Over!

It's been *wayyyy* too long.
And I'm not really quite sure why.
I have some neck issues, which in turn causes hand issues.
But that's not really an excuse.

And I'm back... and raring to get back in to my little blog.

A simple post today- as the day has turned into night already.
It was an absolutely scorching day compared to how we're used to it being here in the UK- and as such not alot got done.

I did however throw together a new little banner. It's not exactly what I want but will pretty up the place while I think about how I'd really like it.

Yesterday I received this cute little bag of cottony yarny goodness, ordered from Wool Warehouse.
It's Lily "Sugar'n Cream", made of 100% cotton.

I ordered this specifically to try a bit of hyperbolic crochet.
It's always intrigued me, and when I spoke about it to my daughter she seemed quite keen to give it a go too.
This is mine so far...

It'll be a bath scrubbie... A fun funky coloured one. This colour way of the Sugar'n Cream is called "Over the Rainbow". I love it- maybe it's because it makes me think of ice lollies and candy sweets?!

I'm done in for tonight- but I promise to be back soon! :)